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February 03, 2016
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I’m Afraid My Tooth is Going to Break; What Should I Do? Dental crowns can strengthen your damaged tooth.

Before modern dentistry, if you had a broken tooth chances are it would be taken out, and not always in a gentle procedure. Times have changed and you now have many options to strengthen and repair your damaged tooth. Take it from Dr. Carl Horchos at Chestnut CrownsDental Associates in Downingtown, Pennsylvania there are now many different dental crown options to fix even badly damaged teeth.

Now you can strengthen and repair your damaged tooth with a beautiful natural-looking crown. There are times when a tooth is just too badly broken to fix, but usually a tooth can be strengthened internally by using posts, which are inserted in the tooth. A sturdy amalgam (silver) foundation is built up around the posts and functions to support the crown.

You can choose from a variety of materials for your crown, depending on your desires and budget. Each material has different costs and advantages. You and Dr. Horchos will know which is best for you. You can choose from:

A full gold crown. Full gold crowns are strong but highly visible, so they are normally used for back teeth where you need a lot of strength for chewing.

A porcelain-fused-to-metal crown which is more expensive, but it has both strength and beauty. It is color-matched to your existing teeth and looks natural and beautiful. This type of crown can be placed on any tooth.

A full porcelain crown is the most expensive, but it is also the most beautiful, with a translucent quality just like your natural teeth. It is also perfectly color-matched to your existing teeth. This type of crown is not quite as strong as the others, and because of its cosmetic quality, it is typically placed on the front teeth.

Crowns are an excellent choice to strengthen and repair damaged teeth. They also are less likely to break or need replacing, unlike fillings. If you are thinking about fixing a damaged tooth with a solution that may last a lifetime, you need to seek out the best. Stop by for a consultation about dental crowns with Dr. Carl Horchos at Chestnut Dental Associates in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Call today and get your damaged tooth fixed with a beautiful new crown!


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