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September 08, 2015
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Root Canals Has your general dentist at Chestnut Dental Associates in Downington, PA mentioned that you might need a root canal? While the thought of a root canal can be somewhat frightening, the many benefits root canals provide to your oral health make the procedure well worth the risks. Here are four ways a root canal from your general dentist at Chestnut Dental Associates in Downington, PA can help you improve your oral health today.

Remove Infection

The main purpose of a root canal is to remove any infection that has reached its way down to the tooth root. Not only will this make your tooth healthier, but it can also remove any pain or other symptoms you're having as well. If your tooth is infected, you will want to have the infection removed as soon as possible.

Prevent Future Infection

Once the infection and inflammation are removed from your tooth, it is important to keep them out. A root canal not only removes the current infection, but it also helps prevent the infection from returning, so your tooth stays healthy long after the procedure is over.

Improve Tooth Strength

An infected tooth is a weakened tooth. Thankfully, during a root canal, your dentist will remove the weakened, infected inside of the tooth and replace it with a filler material to improve your tooth strength. Don't risk your teeth cracking or breaking when you eat; a root canal will help ensure that your teeth are always ready for whatever foods you send their way.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Neglect to get a root canal for your infected tooth, and you just may lose your tooth altogether. Not only is this unsightly, but it can easily cause your remaining teeth to shift and wear down faster and your jaw to weaken. Plus, replacing a badly damaged or missing tooth can be incredibly costly.

Whether the infection is major or minor, if you have a tooth that is infected, you want to remove the infected and inflamed tissues as soon as possible. Call and schedule an appointment for a root canal with your general dentist at Chestnut Dental Associates in Downington, PA today. Your mouth will thank you.


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