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July 18, 2016
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Periodontal disease is an oral health concern that commonly affects adults in their senior years, but there are also cases of advanced gum disease in young people as well. The potential of losing teeth isn’t the only concern—untreated periodontitis can also have an effect on a patient’s general health. Here are a few of the key signs and symptoms of periodontal disease that you should look for and Gumsdiscuss with your Downingtown, PA general dentist.

Bleeding, Red Gums with Deep "Pockets"
One of the clearest signs of periodontitis is when the gums bleed just about every time you brush. The gums become red, inflamed and painful to the touch. This is because the bad bacteria that live in tartar or calculus has overwhelmed the area surrounding each tooth and is breaking down the gum tissue. As time goes on, pockets begin to form around the teeth. When the pockets are measured at 4 mm deep, that’s cause for concern. When they reach over 6 mm deep, it is considered advanced periodontal disease.

Loose or Moveable Teeth
Another symptom of periodontal disease to look out for is loosening teeth—especially if more than one tooth is affected. As the gums continue to separate from the teeth due to this dental disease, the teeth can’t stay as firmly rooted. Your Downingtown general dentist will perform a test of the mobility of each tooth when evaluating you for periodontitis.

Bad Breath
Very bad breath that doesn’t go away with brushing is another possible sign of periodontal disease. When harmful bacteria overwhelm the gums, it creates a distinctive odor and taste in the mouth that’s difficult to get rid of. Usually, morning breath goes away with toothpaste or gargling with mouthwash, but when bad breath continues throughout the day it may be a symptom of gum disease.

Schedule an Immediate Consultation
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