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May 10, 2017
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Not only can regular dental visits help you achieve excellent oral health, but they can also help you maintain good health overall. dental visitsAdditionally, your dentist can detect the early warning signs of dental health problems so you can seek treatment if needed. At Chestnut Dental Associates, Dr. Carl Horchos is your Downingtown, PA, general dentist.

Better Oral Health

A primary reason for scheduling regular dental visits is for better oral health. Dental visits include a professional cleaning of the teeth and gums, which keeps them healthy and disease-free. Further, professional cleanings are the only way to remove such problems as tartar buildup. Regular brushing and flossing at home are not sufficient to clean away tartar. If left on the teeth, tartar buildup can lead to the development of gum disease. Regular dental visits with a Downingtown general dentist are important for maintaining good oral health.

Early Detection of Other Diseases

In addition to keeping the teeth and gums healthy, regular dental visits can also help with early detection of other diseases with the body. Many illnesses have symptoms that manifest within the mouth. For instance, osteoporosis is associated with bone loss in the jaw area and around the teeth. Dentists are able to spot these early warning signs during regular dental visits, which gives you a chance to seek medical treatment. Some conditions with symptoms that show in the mouth include heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and nighttime reflux disease.

Regular dental visits help you maintain both good oral health and overall health, as your Downingtown general dentist can detect the early warning signs of other diseases whose symptoms manifest in the mouth. To schedule a dental visit with Dr. Horchos, contact Chestnut Dental Associates at (484) 364-4292.


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