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By Chestnut Dental Associates
February 26, 2016
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How crowns and bridgework can improve your smile

If you have teeth that are badly broken, have huge fillings or you are missing teeth entirely, there is a solution to give you a new smile. YDental crowns and bridgework can restore your teeth. You should see an expert on crowns and bridgework, like Dr. Carl Horchos ofCrowns Chestnut Dental Associates, your general and cosmetic dentist in the neighborhood of Downingtown, PA.

Dr. Horchos can color-match your crowns and bridgework to your existing teeth, creating a uniform, natural new smile. Your new crowns and bridgework will look just like your natural teeth, so all your friends will notice is your beautiful smile.

There are a variety of materials to choose from for your crowns and bridgework, depending on the location in your mouth. Gold is the strongest material, so it is frequently placed on the back teeth, where you need a lot of chewing strength. You can also have porcelain fused to the gold, to create beauty and strength. These crowns are suitable for any area of your mouth. The most beautiful choice is a full porcelain crown. Full porcelain crowns have a translucent quality just like your teeth and are frequently used for the front teeth or teeth that show when you smile.

Your Downingtown dentist wants you to know crowns aren’t just beautiful. They also provide a protective cap over your tooth to keep it from breaking--they make your tooth stronger. Fillings can actually make your tooth weaker, and more prone to breakage, depending on how large the filling is. Large metal fillings also look bulky and are very noticeable when you smile. Crowns will actually blend in and enhance your smile.

Bridgework is used to replace multiple missing teeth and is a much better choice than a removable partial for many reasons. You don’t have to remove the bridge like you do with a partial as they are a permanent part of your smile. Bridges also blend in with your other teeth, just like a crown. The result is a completely natural looking, permanent and sparkling new smile.

If you need to repair badly damaged teeth or replace missing teeth, you should go for a more permanent solution like crowns and bridges. Call Dr. Carl Horchos of Chestnut Dental Associates, in Downingtown, PA. He can help you explore how a new crown or bridge can improve your smile, so call today!

By Chestnut Dental Associates
January 24, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Modern restorations for severely damaged or missing teeth are truly remarkable. Although the type of restoration may differ — dental implant, bridge, or veneer — the end result is a life-like facsimile that matches the shape and color of your natural teeth.

To achieve this result, though, the new crown or veneer requires fabrication in a dental laboratory, a meticulous process that may take a few weeks. In the interim, we often install temporary crowns. These help in a number of ways: because we’ve prepared the teeth for final restoration by removing some of the tooth structure, the temporary crown protects and stabilizes the teeth, reduces sensitivity and helps maintain gum health. Temporary crowns also enable the patient to present a more natural smile while waiting for the permanent restoration.

Temporary crowns are typically manufactured to fit a wide range of patients, similar to an “off-the-rack” suit from a clothing store. In recent years, though, customized “tailored” temporary crowns designed specifically for an individual patient have grown in popularity among dental professionals as well as patients.

In creating a customized temporary crown, we first perform a smile analysis similar to one used for a permanent restoration. After a careful assessment of your mouth, we would then make recommendations about the elements to include in the temporary crown, including shape and color. We would also factor in your desires and concerns into the final design. Working together with the dental laboratory, we would then have the temporary crowns produced and ready to apply as soon as we complete the preparatory work.

Customized temporary crowns also serve another important purpose as a kind of “dress rehearsal” for the permanent restoration. This gives you an opportunity to “try out” the smile you’ll have with the permanent restoration in your daily life. We can then use your experience to make adjustments to the permanent crowns before final production.

While customized temporary crowns involve more effort and expense than the traditional, the benefits are worth the added cost, especially if you’re involved with an extensive “smile makeover” procedure. Not only will you look better while your permanent restoration is under construction, your temporary look will give you added confidence that your future smile is right for you.

If you would like more information on temporary and permanent dental restorations, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Concepts of Temporary Restorations.”

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